Who do we treat?

During pregnancy

Pregnancy is a demanding time for the mother and even though aches and pains are felt more in the 3rd trimester, it is important to find possible areas of dysfunction earlier in the pregnancy. It can be normal for some low back pain in the first few weeks of pregnancy. These are thought to be changes in blood flow to the pelvis and hormonal changes to the body.

Even if you are 41 weeks pregnant we are happy to see you. The most common complaints are pelvic pain (pain felt in the pubic region caused by the pubic symphysis joint) and low back pain. Osteopathy is a safe effective form of treatment while you are pregnant. Many midwives and health visitors refer women to Osteopaths.


New Born

We have treated new babies only hours old to months after birth. While the process of being born is traumatic, it is natural and the babies body is perfectly designed to cope with the strain. Unfortunately not all births are like the text books. Problems can occur and it’s is a good idea to get your baby checked over if the labour was long (over 12 hours
for first delivery) or intervention was used i.e. forceps, ventouse, episiotomy or a caesarean section was performed. We are happy to see the baby when it is right for you.

Babies and Colic

We have seen many babies over the years for many reasons, but the big one is colic. This is defined as a baby crying for more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, for more than three weeks in an otherwise healthy child aged between 2 weeks and four months. There are many causes of colic, and osteopathy can help to relieve the
irritation so you and the rest of the family can enjoy a good nights sleep.


Children are active and growing. This normally means bashed heads, chins, belly ache, ear ache, snotty noses and many other illnesses and injuries. The main reason to bring your child to us, is if the fall was a big one (especially if onto the chin) and if the illness becomes recurrent or chronic (lasts more than a couple of weeks).


Teenagers are also vulnerable to aches and pains due to hours of sitting and/or playing lots of sport. The combination of sport and growing, can be demanding on the body and Osteopathy can help to iron out problems before they inhibit activity.


There are many reasons for adults to see us and we all accept that by the time we approach middle age, we’re due for a service. Just like the car, it is better to keep up with regular servicing (twice a year) than wait for something to go wrong (you get a higher resale price with a full service history!). Just about any ache or pain is a reason to see an osteopath.


“Wear and tear” or “its your age” is a commonly used term. Should we just accept that what we once did, we now can’t do, or is too painful? It is all a matter of personal expectations.

We love to see older people who are not prepared to accept the wear and tear diagnosis and want to do something about it. We can’t remove arthritis, but we can help the affected joint move better and get other parts of the body working well. We have treated people into their 10th decade with good results.

When treatment is not appropriate

We treat many conditions, but our main reason for not treating you, is if during the initial consultation we feel you need to see your GP or another healthcare professional.

Osteopaths are highly qualified and have undergone many hours of study and clinical hours to confidently assess whether it is appropriate to treat or refer. We may also feel your problem is best resolved by another therapist such as an acupuncturist or homeopath.

Osteopathy is for all and is a gentle effective treatment which we can undertake along side other treatments or interventions.

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

William Garner Sutherland DO.