Get to know us

Chris has developed since 2002 to use many different approaches to treat many chronic difficult conditions. He is currently studying Biodynamic Osteopathy in the cranial field.

He finds this approach addresses the cause of the issue rather than just reducing symptoms.  Suitable from the competing cross-fit athlete to the elderly. It focuses on the health and allows our own healing mechanism to be activated, helping deep seated issues or persistent recurrent issues.

Chris is happy to discuss the issue with you and decide if he can help.

Margi’s passion is treating babies and children and has completed pediatric postgraduate studies in the UK in the past 12 years.

She enjoys treating the whole family to regain harmony within the household, whether it is a new born baby with colic or a teenager struggling with growing pains.

Margi uses manly gentle and effective cranial techniques to relieve built up stresses and strains within the body.

We both have obtained BSc Hons (Ost) which is a four year full time degree.

Over 1500 hours was spent observing and seeing real patients. We studied neurology, pathology, obstetrics, philosophy, sociology, physiology and applied anatomy. We spent every day for 4 years practicing the techniques on our patients and on each other. Every term we were tested with practical vivas and written exams.

Our wealth of knowledge allows us to see people without referral from a doctor and are well equipped to decide if we can help, or if you are in need of treatment from a doctor. The skill of a good health practitioner is knowing when to refer, rather than treat.

Our continued learning has included many postgraduate courses, such as a diploma in treating animals for Chris and several modules in Cranial Osteopathy and Paediatric Osteopathy for Margi. Currently, we both attend a yearly 4 day course on  a biodynamic approach to Osteopathy.